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Discover the Best Tours in Bordeaux

If you have clicked on the post and you are reading this, it means you are planning a trip to beautiful Bordeaux. I must say, you have chosen the best destination for your holidays!

But you also will need the right company to show you around.

Let’s get introduced –

Hi & welcome to  “Free Walking Tours Bordeaux”. 

We are an Eco-Friendly Company who offer tours in and around Bordeaux since 2016. 

More than 45.000 visitors (+ 5.000 excellent comments) have discovered Bordeaux with our young & dynamic team. We have 5 different types of tours to show you the best of  Bordeaux in an ecological way. By choosing one of them, you are supporting our organic & local partners/friends to grow and flourish.

So let’s get started…

1. (100%) Bordeaux Organic Food tour – French Apéro Style

Our Organic Food tour Bordeaux is unique because all the food is bio and from local producers, who love what they do. 

But what is a French Apéro?

It is a typical French thing about sharing lovely moments with friends & family while tasting some of the best Bordeaux local & traditional products like: cheese, charcuterie, pastries … and more. Not to forget to accompany it with a good glass of Bordeaux Wine. 

On this tour you will experience & enjoy a french apéro and you will get to know the chef, sommelier and local producer behind the product. They will share their passion and knowledge with you and give you insights into famous French (food) culture. 

That’s not all you get! 

It is also a walking tour where you will see the Old town of Bordeaux, learn the unique history of the neighbourhood, its gastronomy & food culture. 

We will hear the story of the Saint Michel Basilica, a Gothique flamboyant masterpiece, one of the tallest bell towers in France, the secret of the famous Mummies of Bordeaux,food market & discover some unknown hidden places.

Tour – Organic Food Tour Bordeaux- French Apéro Style

  • Day – Tuesday to Saturday
  • Starting Time – 16H00 pm
  • Duration – 3 hours
  • Language – English/ Spanish
  • Price – 75€/person, 
  • Kids – 40€/kid

2. Bordeaux Wine Tour with Blind Wine & Cheese Tasting

This tour will take you to Chartrons or old wine merchant streets of Bordeaux. Thanks to the Chartrons district, Bordeaux became the world capital of wine! On this Bordeaux Wine Walking Tour you will explore the history of the Wine of Bordeaux with our in House Sommelier and of course taste them!

You will learn a lot about the wines here, for example:

  • to distinguish the grape varieties in Bordeaux,
  • to understand the 5 wine regions,
  • the reason behind the 1855 classification,
  • how to read a label like a professional,
  • the (wine) story behind the historical monuments of the district
  • and much more! 

After the tour we will do a Bordeaux wine tasting, maybe blind tasting?

Are you ready to know the secrets of blind tasting?

Tour – Bordeaux Wine tour with blind wine & cheese tasting

  • Day – Monday to Saturday
  • Starting Time – 13H00 pm
  • Duration – 2 hours
  • Language – English or Spanish
  • Price – 39€/person (group) and 59€/person (private)
  • Kids – 25€

Tasting includes – 4 different Bordeaux wines, French Cheese platter & Professional wine tasting

3. Best of Bordeaux Walking Tour

This tour is the Best way to discover all the essential places of the city center of Bordeaux. We have designed this tour to include all the important monuments in Bordeaux downtown. 

You will learn about its history, hear some anecdotes and discover some curiosities of the most iconic places in Bordeaux.

We offer this tour every day and you can choose between 2, 3 or 4 hours.

  • 2 hours: Will give you a nice orientation of the city center
  • 3 hours: We will have more time to explore more monuments
  • 4 hours: This will take us to the off-beat paths of Chartrons area and its wine story.

Price: starting with 35€/person

Add 35 € for a wine tasting after the tour (3 wines + apéro platter)


The famous Free Tour of Bordeaux!

You will discover Bordeaux with our experienced and friendly guides in 2 hours. 

You will visit the main sights of Bordeaux, like the beautiful Gothic cathedral Saint André, the famous Water Mirror and the stunning neoclassical theatre – but also some hidden and lesser known places and monuments. Learn about the glorious history of this city, some of its secrets, its special gastronomy and rich culture by joining our Free walking Tour of Bordeaux.

Tour – Free Walking Tour Bordeaux

  • Day – Everyday
  • Starting time – 10 am (more times on weekends)
  • Duration – 2 hours
  • Language – English/Spanish
  • Tip Based

5. Private Tour Saint Emilion Day Trip (Group tour)

This is an extraordinary tour to see Saint Emilion – beautiful UNESCO place in France.

I highly recommend you to take this day trip with a group of friends or family to enjoy your time. We will start meeting ourselves in Bordeaux. Afterwards, a minibus will be waiting to take us to the picturesque mediaeval village of St Emilion, which happens to be also world famous for its incredible wine. Let’s walk and explore this charming village dating back to the 8th century and its long wine tradition. Afterwards we will visit a traditional Chateau (Wine Estate) and end the tour with a Wine Tasting of their organic wine selection.

Tour – Bordeaux & Saint Emilion Day Trip (Group Tour)

  • Days – Everyday
  • Starting Time – 10 am
  • Duration – 7 hours
  • Language – English/Spanish
  • Included – Transport, Lunch and shopping time, Saint Emilion Walking Tour,
  • VIsit & Wine tasting in a chateau, your private guide.


Whether you are in Bordeaux for one day, a weekend or a whole week. There are activities for everyone, with any budget! These are our Best Things to do in Bordeaux and how. We hope you are excited to visit Bordeaux now!

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