Free Walking Tours Bordeaux was founded in 2016 by a group of young students belonging to the Erasmus program, who wanted to have a different experience in Bordeaux - and knew how to do it! They started by offering some tours in English on Saturdays and Sundays.Today, this idea has multiplied. Currently we are a group of 5 guides that show the city in different ways in different languages, every day throughout the year. 

Since 2019 we aim to be a role model in the tourism industry by shifting to ECOLOGICAL AND SUSTAINABLE TOURISM.


Our Why: We want to make culture available to everyone, anywhere, in a fun, ecological and thus sustainable way. A portion of our profit is donated to NGO's & Association.

How we do it: This is why we create entertaining, affordable and extraordinary experiences, where people enjoy the city and explore the French culture in an ecological way thanks to our dynamic and international team of guides.

What we do?: We offer different types of tours in and around Bordeaux, in Spanish, English, Italian, German and Russian.



- First of all, we walk...

- We use umbrellas made from recycled plastic.

- We reuse tablets about to be discarded.

- We work with local partners with the same philosophy.

- We associate ourselves with bars and chateâux of organic wines.

Contribution to community:

Contribution to community

We want to give back to the community, through actions that support different associations and NGOs every year.

- 2019, we support the month against Breast Cancer.

- Our guides use an application to donate to different causes, thanks to the number of steps they go through each day (WalkUnited).

- 2020: stay tuned

How do we contribute ?:

How do we contribute

Thanks to the success we had with our tours, we donated a part to support different sustainability actions for the community.