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Top 10 things to do in Bordeaux

As well as giving its name to one of the world’s most famous wine appellations, Bordeaux is the perfect place to enjoy the French way of life.

Discovering its majestic architecture, losing yourself in its beautiful squares or enjoying the atmosphere of its terraces are just some of the things this elegant city has to offer. It is also a destination renowned for its rich gastronomy, from Arcachon oysters to duck magret or its famous canelés. These are the 10 things to do in Bordeaux.

Take a break or have a picnic in the Jardin Public

Jardin Public

In the very center of the city is this park, a green lung of 11 hectares in which to disconnect from the city. It has centennial trees, a botanical garden, the Museum of Natural History and even a stream. Strolling through here is a delight, perfect for relaxing or picnicking.

Getting to know the Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle is bounded by three streets: Cours de l’Intendance, Course George Clemenceau and Allées de Tourny. It concentrates the most elegant arteries of the city and the most exclusive stores such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

Right in the center of the triangle is the Great Men’s market, a three-story gallery with luxury stores inside. It is so called because all the adjacent streets are named after ancient philosophers of the eighteenth century as Voltaire, Diderot or Rousseau.

Shopping on Sainte Catherine Street

Saint Catherine

This is the city’s shopping street with over 300 stores. In fact it is the longest pedestrian shopping avenue in Europe with its 1200 meters long. It starts at the Place de la Comédie, inside the Golden Triangle with well-known stores such as Apple Store or Galerie Lafayette and as you move towards the Place de la Victoire the prices go down.

Visit the City of Wine

This is the most important museum of Bordeaux, it was inaugurated in 2016 and has become the new architectural icon of the city. This building has a silhouette shaped like a wine decanter and towers over the Garonne River.

Inside, a journey through the senses awaits you to discover wine in all its facets. At the end of the visit you can enjoy a glass of wine with an incredible view of the city and the Garonne River.

Enter the Cité du Vin (laciteduvin.com)

Discover the bohemian district of Chartrons


Chartrons is the city’s bohemian quarter filled with art galleries, antique stores and other local businesses. The old buildings with wooden windows and colorful facades are the protagonists in this area of the city. In this neighborhood you can also enjoy urban art, as graffiti and murals decorate some of its streets.

Visit the Bassins de Lumières

This old submarine base was built by the Nazis during World War II.  Now this enclosure of concrete and dark has been converted into a work of art, full of color, music and art. In its walls and four pools of water are presented simultaneous digital exhibitions that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the world of great artists such as Klimt or Van Gogh. 

Discover the mix of cultures in Saint Michel

Saint Michel is another neighborhood worth visiting in the city. It is an area where immigrants have settled throughout the ages and their mark can be felt in the markets of the area. In the different fruit and vegetable stalls, spices, clothes and others, the old charm is mixed with oriental flavors. At the heart of this district is the Saint Michel basilica, declared a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Eating at Marché des Capucins

The Saint Michel district is especially known for the Capucins market, the largest in the city. Here the locals come every morning to taste oysters, duck and other products of the region. In addition to being a place with a lot of atmosphere, it also allows you to eat very well for a very economical price.

Try the canelés

The cannelés are the dessert par excellence of Bordeaux and they can be found in many stores in the city. They are made with sugar, flour, egg yolk, vanilla and rum. They are caramelized and crunchy on the outside, while the inside has a slightly sticky texture.

Having a drink in Darwin

This place is a kind of recreational center with skateparks, graffiti, ecological stores, bars… It is an alternative place with a lot of atmosphere where you can enjoy a beer or a glass of wine. In addition, some days of the week concerts are held so it is usually full of young people.

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In conclusion, what are you waiting for to visit Bordeaux?

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