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This Bordeaux Blind Natural Wine Tasting is a perfect opportunity to test your abilities to identify wine just by seeing, smelling & tasting. Learn about Bordeaux wine history and taste some of the famous wines of the region with a platter of bio cheese and dry meat.

We can assure you that smelling around with friends & family is a unforgettable & fun loving activity. Don’t worry we have everything organized for this Blind Bordeaux wine tasting. Our In House Sommelier will guide you during this wine tasting and reveal all the secrets of Tasting Bordeaux Wine.

Depending on the type of tasting you booked, you will also discover:

15€ : 3 natural Wines + Platter Cheese/ Charcuterie – 20 minutes
Just a simple, general explanation of the wine offered and Bordeaux Wine.

25€ : 4 natural wines + Bigger Cheese/Charcuterie Platter – 40 minutes
A bit deeper to know the wine regions, grapes variety, history of Bordeaux wine, Bio/Organic wine making process, Professional Wine Tasting Material used (Wine Colour chart, Aroma Wheel)

35€ : 5 natural wines + Biggest platter Cheese/Charcuterie Platter- 1 hour
Intensive introduction to the wines of Bordeaux, with playing the game “Le nez du vin”: Sniffing the wine aromas in a small bottle and trying to identify the same in the wine glasses. Learn all about:

      • The stories of the winemakers, vintage, history & the vinyards
      • You will be learning about the grape varieties in Bordeaux
      •  The important wine regions in Bordeaux
      • What the 1855 classification is
      • The difference between Bio/Natural/Organic Wines
      • The reason of getting hangover- Spoiler: Definitely not because of Sulphur. Did you know there is more sulphur in fruits & vegetable than in a bottle of wine?
      •  How to read a label like a professional
      •  and much more!

You will be savouring the flavours of natural Bordeaux wine (6cl glasses) with a delicious assorted cheese & charcuterie platter & French Baguette.

Children receive Juice.

Join us for this very fun & educational wine tasting in a small group to discover the Bordeaux wine region in a different way.


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By taking our Ecological tours in Bordeaux you are supporting local sustainable business and giving a purpose to your travels. Happy Eco friendly Travels!

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teresa arozena
teresa arozena
Muy buena experiencia, muy recomendable... todo el desarrollo histórico de Burdeos de una manera dinámica y ligera. Una buena forma de iniciación en la ciudad con mucha información útil.
Belen García Balado
Belen García Balado
Lucía espectacular su explicación y cercanía
Christine W
Christine W
Lucia was our tour guide and she was amazing, extremely knowledgable and gave us an awesome tour. She gave us lots of recommendations for restaurants and other sites to see while in Bordeaux. Highly recommend this tour!
Дарина Иванченко
Дарина Иванченко
The tour was really interesting, even back home I decided to read more about Aliénor d'Aquitaine. Thank you!
charlotte leysen
charlotte leysen
Excellent tour and recommendations
Andrea Costantino
Andrea Costantino
Best walking tour in bordeaux!! Thanks yo Goya 😉
Manuela Ruiz de Ojeda
Manuela Ruiz de Ojeda
Muy amable Any un gran Guia y nos ha contado la historia de Burdeos de manera muy divertida y amena.
loli bouzas
loli bouzas
Lucía, la gallega, maravillosa. Muy amable, amena, dándonos muchísima información de manera clara y detallada. Encantadora.¡Super recomendable!
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