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Bordeaux, known as the world capital of wine, is a must-visit destination for any wine lover. With over 60 different appellations, the region boasts some of the finest wines in the world. And what better way to experience these wines than by following the Bordeaux Wine Route? In this article, we’ll explore the key spots of the wine route and provide tips for planning your own journey through this iconic region, including our wine tasting tour of bordeaux.

Bordeaux: World capital of wine

The French city has been synonymous with wine for centuries. It is home to some of the world’s most prestigious wine estates and chateaus, producing wines that are revered the world over. In this section, we’ll delve into the history of Bordeaux and its relationship with wine, as well as highlight some of the city’s must-see wine-related attractions.

5 key elements on the wine route

The Bordeaux Wine Route encompasses a vast area home to some of the finest vineyards in Bordeaux and the world, covering over 8000 wineries and more than 60 appellations. Whatever chateaux and wineries you choose to visit, there are five key places you cannot miss:


The region is home to over 6,000 vineyards, producing some of the world’s most famous wines. So, we could say it takes its wine seriously! This history of winemaking can be traced back to the Roman Empire, but it wasn’t until the 18th century that Bordeaux became known as the center of the wine world. 

Today, Bordeaux is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city, and its wine heritage is visible everywhere you go. The city is home to the Cité du Vin, an interactive museum that celebrates the history and culture of wine. The museum is a must-visit for any wine lover, with exhibits on the history of winemaking, wine tasting, and the global wine industry.

But the wine experience doesn’t stop there. Bordeaux is also home to a number of trendy wine bars and restaurants, where you can taste some of the best wines from the region. The city also hosts a number of wine festivals throughout the year, including the Bordeaux Wine Festival, where visitors can sample wines from the region and meet local winemakers.

Bordeaux is the perfect starting point for exploring the surrounding wine regions. The city is located in the heart of the Bordeaux wine region, with easy access to some of the most famous wine appellations in the world.


If you’re looking for a wine region that encapsulates the charm of the French countryside, then Saint-Émilion-Pomerol-Fronsac should definitely be on your list. The area is filled with rolling hills covered in vineyards, and charming châteaux nestled among the vines.

  • Saint-Émilion, in particular, is a jewel in the crown of the region. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this historic village is perched on a hill overlooking the vineyards, with winding streets, cobblestone alleyways, and stunning medieval architecture. The village is home to numerous wine cellars, where visitors can sample some of the region’s best wines.
  • Pomerol is known for its unique terroir, which produces rich, velvety wines with a distinctive flavor profile. The wines here are made predominantly from Merlot, with smaller amounts of Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • Fronsac, while less well-known than Saint-Émilion and Pomerol, is still worth a visit for its rustic charm and delicious wines. The vineyards here are spread out over a wide area, with varying soil types and microclimates that give the wines their unique character.


This is a region located to the north of Bordeaux, famous for its eponymous brandy. The region’s unique microclimate and soil conditions make it an ideal place for growing the grapes used in Cognac production. The spirit is made through a complex process of distillation and aging, resulting in a smooth, complex flavor that’s enjoyed around the world.

The town itself is also worth exploring, with its picturesque cobblestone streets, historic buildings, and quaint shops selling local delicacies. And for those who want to learn more about the history of the region, the Musée des Arts du Cognac is a must-visit. 

Blaye y Bourg

These are two wine regions located on the right bank of the Garonne River, just north of Bordeaux. These french cities on the Garonne River are known for their red wines, which are made primarily from Merlot grapes and have a smooth, elegant flavor. The area is dotted with historic châteaux and quaint villages, making it a great place for wine lovers to explore.

Blaye is particularly famous for its impressive 17th-century citadel, which was built to protect the city from invaders. Bourg, on the other hand, is a charming medieval town that is known for its narrow, winding streets and ancient castle. Visitors to the area can take guided tours of the châteaux, taste local wines, and explore the many shops and restaurants that make up the vibrant local culture.


The Médoc region is a wine lover’s paradise, with a wealth of châteaux and vineyards waiting to be explored. In addition to wine tasting, visitors can take part in tours of the vineyards and cellars to learn more about the production process. Many of the estates offer guided tours, which provide an excellent opportunity to learn about the history and culture of the region.

There are also plenty of restaurants and cafes in the area, where visitors can enjoy a delicious meal and a glass of local wine. Whether you’re a seasoned wine connoisseur or a curious beginner, a visit to Médoc is an unforgettable experience that showcases the best of Bordeaux’s wine culture.

Get to know the Wine Route through a free Tour

One of the best ways to explore the Bordeaux wine route is through somo of our free walking tours of Bordeaux. These tours offer an affordable and informative way to explore the region, with knowledgeable guides who can provide insider tips and insights into the world of Bordeaux wine. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a wine connoisseur or if you are simply looking to explore a beautiful and historic region, the Bordeaux wine route has something for everyone. So why not plan your own journey through the Bordeaux Wine Route and discover the magic of this remarkable region for yourself?

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