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Claustro de los Cordeliers en Saint Emilion

Discover the beauty of the cloister of the Cordeliers in Saint Emilion

The Cloister of the Cordeliers in Saint-Émilion is a former Franciscan convent with impressive ruins dating from the 13th century. Rebuilt in the 14th century, the cloister has columns, capitals and bases. You can also visit the convent’s garden, now converted into a resting place with tables and chairs for wine tasting.

The cloister church provides access to the underground cellars where the famous sparkling wines Les Cordeliers are produced. Free tours of Bordeaux and tastings at the cellar bar are available. The cloister of the Cordeliers is an ideal destination for wine and culture lovers.

History of the cloister of the Cordeliers in Saint Emilion

The cloister of the Cordeliers in Saint-Émilion is a former Franciscan convent with a rich history dating back to the 13th century. Founded at that time, the cloister was damaged during the Hundred Years’ War and rebuilt in the 14th century, within the city walls. Over the years, it has witnessed various events and transformations that have given it its present appearance.

This sacred place has been listed as a historical monument, and its impressive ruins are silent witnesses to its past. Columns, capitals, bases and monolithic pedestals form part of this marvellous architectural heritage.

The cloister of the Cordeliers in Saint-Émilion is a peaceful and magical haven that transports you back in time. Its fascinating history and architectural beauty make it a must-see destination in Saint-Emilion.

Description of the ruins and architectural elements

The ruins of the cloister of the Cordeliers in Saint-Émilion bear witness to the architecture of centuries past. Visitors can contemplate the history of Bordeaux by observing the architectural details of this historic site, from the delicate mouldings of the Gothic arches to the ornamental details of the columns.

Guided tours of the cloister and cellars

One of the things to do in Bordeaux are guided tours of both the ruined cloister and the underground cellars carved into the limestone rock. During these tours, visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the history and architectural beauty of this former Franciscan convent.

Expert guides take visitors through the ruins of the cloister and explain the historical importance of the cloister and how it has been listed as a Bordeaux monument.

The guided tour also includes a wine tasting at the cellar bar, where visitors can savour the different wines and appreciate their unique characteristics.

It is a unique experience for wine lovers, as they can enjoy the aromas and flavours of the region while learning about its winemaking. These activities make a visit to Saint-Émilion worthwhile.

Tourist options in the Saint Emilion area

The Saint Emilion area offers a wide variety of tourist options for visitors. These include visits and tastings at different wineries and châteaux in the region, where wine lovers can learn more about the production and taste the local wines.

Another popular option is to take excursions to Saint Emilion from Bordeaux, taking advantage of the proximity of the two cities and discovering the beauty of this picturesque wine destination.

For the more adventurous, electric bike tours of the region are available, allowing you to explore the vineyards and landscapes in an active and sustainable way.

In addition, a variety of wine tasting experiences and vineyard lunches are available, where visitors can pair the wines with delicious local cuisine.

Excursions to Saint Emilion from Bordeaux

If you want to explore the charms of the Cloister of the Cordeliers in Saint Emilion, we recommend an exciting excursion from Bordeaux. This option will allow you to enjoy a full day immersed in the history, culture and wine of this beautiful region.

The cloister of the Cordeliers as a cultural and wine destination

The cloister of the Cordeliers in Saint-Émilion is a place that perfectly combines history and a passion for wine. As a listed historical monument, the cloister embodies the richness of the region’s cultural heritage.

But it is not only a place to revel in architectural beauty, it is also a renowned wine destination. The underground cellars, dug into the limestone rock at a depth of 17 metres, produce the famous sparkling wines Les Cordeliers.

Through guided tours, visitors can discover the fascinating process of making Crémant de Bordeaux, taste the exquisite wines at the cellar bar and purchase picnic baskets of local delicacies.

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