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The Natural History Museum of Bordeaux: sciences and nature

The Bordeaux Museum of Natural History is a fascinating place to explore science and nature. With a variety of themed exhibitions, this museum offers an educational and entertaining experience. Discover an impressive collection of 3,500 stuffed animal species, including iconic specimens such as a giraffe and a polar bear.

In addition, the museum has educational activities for school groups and a special area for children under the age of six. Immerse yourself in an interactive experience with interactive devices and a multimedia show. Plan your visit to this unique museum in the beautiful setting of the Jardin Public de Bordeaux. Don’t forget that if you want the full experience of the city, a free walking tour of Bordeaux is a must.

Discovering the Natural History Museum of Bordeaux

The Bordeaux Museum of Natural History is a fascinating place that offers a glimpse into the incredible diversity of science and nature. With its various themed exhibits, this museum captivates visitors of all ages with its vast collection of species and its highly trained team.

Museum at a glance

Upon entering the Bordeaux Museum of Natural History, visitors find themselves immersed in a world of knowledge and discovery. The carefully designed spaces and modern museography provide an immersive and educational experience. The museum has undergone recent renovations, resulting in an exciting new museum tour and the addition of state-of-the-art interactive devices.

Touring the thematic exhibits

The museum has a wide variety of themed exhibits covering various scientific disciplines and aspects of nature. Visitors can explore the evolution of life on Earth, learn about the region’s flora and fauna, and marvel at the diversity of stuffed species. Each exhibit offers a unique and detailed look at its subject, providing an enriching experience for experts and the curious alike.

In the section dedicated to the evolution of life, visitors can discover the processes that have shaped today’s biodiversity through fossils, models and interactive exhibits. In the area focused on the region’s flora and fauna, the natural beauty of Bordeaux and its surroundings is showcased, highlighting the importance of environmental conservation. In addition, the impressive array of stuffed specimens, including a majestic giraffe and an imposing polar bear, allows visitors to appreciate the diversity of wildlife from around the world.

The Bordeaux Museum of Natural History invites everyone to embark on an exciting scientific and natural journey, providing a unique experience that stimulates curiosity and a love of knowledge.

The story behind the museum

The Bordeaux Museum of Natural History has a fascinating history that dates back to its origins and has evolved over time. Let’s learn more about the history and cultural importance of this emblematic museum in the region.

Origin and evolution of the Bordeaux Museum of Natural History

The museum was founded at an undetermined date, but its origins can be traced back to the 19th century. From its earliest days, it has been a place dedicated to the preservation and exhibition of natural diversity, with a focus on natural sciences and fauna.

Over the years, the museum has undergone several changes and renovations to enhance the visitor experience. Recently, a major transformation has taken place, resulting in a new museum tour. This tour is designed with interactive devices and a multimedia show, providing visitors with a unique and enriching experience. If you don’t know what to see in Bordeaux in 3 days, this museum is definitely an interesting stop to learn more about the history of Bordeaux.

The cultural importance of the museum in the region

The Natural History Museum of Bordeaux is not only an educational and scientific space, but it also plays a crucial role in the region in terms of its cultural importance. It is a place where natural memory is preserved and awareness of environmental conservation is promoted.

In addition, the museum contributes to the dissemination of scientific knowledge and the promotion of curiosity and interest in the natural sciences among its visitors. It is a space that offers opportunities for learning, reflection and admiration of the beauty and diversity of nature.

Explore the history and cultural significance of the Bordeaux Museum of Natural History, and delve into its fascinating exhibits to discover the wealth of science and nature that this museum has to offer.

Nature at its best

At the Bordeaux Museum of Natural History, visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the wonderful natural diversity. Among the most outstanding exhibits is the collection of stuffed species, which allows us to explore the richness of the fauna of different regions of the world.

Exploring the diversity of stuffed species

In this section of the museum, more than 3,500 species of stuffed animals are exhibited, meticulously prepared to preserve their shape and characteristics. From birds and reptiles to mammals and fish, this exhibit invites us on a fascinating journey through the incredible variety of the world’s fauna. Each species tells a unique story and allows us to appreciate the complexity and beauty of nature.

Visitors have the opportunity to admire these species up close, observing their anatomical details and learning about their habitats. The careful preparation and preservation of the stuffed animals provides a valuable opportunity to study and learn about the biological diversity of the planet.

Emblematic specimens: giraffe and polar bear

Within the collection of stuffed species, some emblematic specimens stand out. Among them, we find an imposing giraffe, which evokes awe for its height and elegance. This majestic creature gives us the opportunity to contemplate its unique anatomy and learn about its lifestyle in the vast African plains.

Another impressive specimen that does not go unnoticed is the polar bear. Representative of the polar regions, this imposing carnivore is a symbol of the struggle for survival in an extremely hostile environment. A close look at this magnificent creature allows us to reflect on the challenges faced by animals in their natural habitat.

Educational and pedagogical activities

The Bordeaux Museum of Natural History offers a wide range of educational activities specially designed for school groups. This proposal seeks to provide students with an enriching and fun educational experience, fostering their interest in science and nature.

Educational offer for school groups

The museum has different activities adapted to different ages and educational levels. Through guided tours, students can explore the thematic exhibits while learning about the diversity of species and scientific concepts related to nature.

In addition to guided tours, interactive workshops are offered where students can actively participate and perform experiments related to the museum’s theme. These workshops are led by specialized staff and provide a practical and dynamic approach to learning.

Space for children under six years of age: ‘Musée des tout-petits’

With the youngest visitors in mind, the Bordeaux Museum of Natural History has a special area called the ‘Musée des tout-petits’. This place is specially designed for children under six years of age, offering playful and educational activities adapted to their age.

In ‘Musée des tout-petits’, children will be able to explore various elements of nature through interactive games, tactile materials and sensory experiences. It is an ideal space to awaken their curiosity and promote their interest in science and nature from an early age.

A visit to the Bordeaux Museum of Natural History, both for school groups and for children, is a unique opportunity to learn and discover the fascinating world of science and nature in an entertaining and didactic way.

Interactive and multimedia experience

The museum’s renovations and its new museum tour

The Bordeaux Museum of Natural History has undergone recent transformations that have resulted in an exciting new museum tour. Thanks to the renovations, visitors can now enjoy a more interactive and immersive approach to exploring the exhibits. The museum has incorporated interactive devices that provide additional information and enrich the learning experience. This new design allows visitors to immerse themselves in the world of science and nature in a captivating and engaging way.

Visiting the Bordeaux Museum of Natural History

Opening hours, fees and access to the museum

The Bordeaux Museum of Natural History is open from Tuesday to Sunday, offering visitors the opportunity to explore its fascinating collection. Hours vary according to the season, so it is advisable to consult the museum’s website for the most up-to-date information.

Admission to the museum has a cost that varies depending on age and the type of exhibition you wish to visit. Discounts are available for students, senior citizens and groups. There is also the option of purchasing an annual pass for those who wish to enjoy multiple visits.

Access to the museum is comfortable and accessible, with facilities adapted for people with reduced mobility. In addition, it is located in the Hôtel de Lisleferme, in the Public Garden of Bordeaux, making it an easily accessible destination both by public transport and by car.

Touring the Jardin Public after your visit

After exploring the wonders of the Bordeaux Museum of Natural History, visitors can take advantage of the proximity of the Jardin Public to enjoy a pleasant stroll in a natural and peaceful setting. This park, located near the museum, offers green spaces, ponds and well-tended gardens, ideal for relaxing and enjoying nature.

The Public Garden also has playgrounds for children, benches for resting and beautiful architecture. It is the perfect place to continue exploring the connection between science, nature and the urban environment of Bordeaux.

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