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What to see in Bordeaux in 4 days

Bordeaux is a city that deserves at least four days to get to know each of its secrets and discover it at your leisure. This is an itinerary that will help you organize your visit to the city. Here we tell you what to see in Bordeaux in 4 days.

DAY 1: Free tour, Saint Michel and the Grosse Cloche

The best way to start getting to know the city is to take a free tour with us. There is one every day of the week at 10 am. This tour is a 2 hour tour through the center of Bordeaux and gives you a general idea of the city. Free walking tour bordeaux – Free walking tours Bordeaux

You will visit the must-see places of the city such as the Girondins Monument, the Place de la Comédie, the Saint André Cathedral or the Porte Cailhau. In addition, you will receive many recommendations of restaurants, bars and other places to visit in the following days.

Saint Michel district

It’s time for lunch, and the best thing to do is to head towards Saint Michel and eat at the Capuchin Market. The tour ends at the Place de la Bourse, so from here we only have to walk 15 minutes to get to the Saint Michel Basilica. Also, on the way we can visit Port de Bourgogne, one of the four gates of the city.

In the Capuchins market we will find a variety of stalls where to eat. This is the perfect place to taste the duck, typical of the southwest of France, or oysters, typical of Arcachon. There is a great variety of food and it is an area with a lot of atmosphere.

After lunch we can take the opportunity to visit the Basilica of Saint Michel and this area of the city known for its great Muslim influence. We can stroll around here and let ourselves be carried away by its aromas and small stores and markets in the streets.

From here we headed to La Grosse Cloche, a medieval gate with a large gold clock worth admiring. Right next to this gate is Cassonade, one of the best places to try canelé, the specialty of the city.

Just 5 minutes from here we find another thing to see in Bordeaux in 4 days: the Museum of Aquitaine. This museum presents the history of Bordeaux and its region, from prehistoric times to the present day. Near the museum we also find the Great Synagogue of Bordeaux, another interesting visit to make in the city.

Day 2: Wine tour, Chartrons and City of Wine

Bordeaux is the city of wine par excellence and its worldwide fame is undeniable. Another thing to see in Bordeaux in 4 days is to get to know its wine facet. The best way to do it is to take a wine tour. This tour begins with a pleasant walk through Chartrons, known as the bohemian quarter of the city.

Here we will learn about the grape varieties in Bordeaux and the important wine regions. Of course, it also includes a tasting of Bordeaux organic wines and cheeses. Bordeaux wine tour – Free walking tours Bordeaux

After the tour, we can take the opportunity to continue exploring the Chartrons district. This time to discover its bohemian side and admire its urban art and visit its antique stores.

Continuing with the world of wine, the next visit will be to the city’s museum par excellence: the City of Wine. This building is an architectural masterpiece and inside you can discover all the facets of the soul of wine.

For dinner we have it easy, because a few steps from the City of Wine is one of the best markets in the city: Halles de Bacalan. Here we have a wide variety of products to choose from and it is also a place with a great atmosphere.

DAY 3: A walk along the river and Bassin de Lumieres

Nothing better than starting the day with a walk in the most beautiful park in Bordeaux: Jardin Public.  This park is the green lung of the city center. It has a botanical garden, the museum of Natural History and a bar-restaurant. It is a huge space where you can have a picnic and relax surrounded by nature.

It is time to have lunch in a restaurant in the city and then take a walk along the river. It is best to start the walk crossing the Pont Pierre, the first bridge built on the river Garonne. From this bridge we will have a beautiful view of the center of Bordeaux. On this side of the city, known as the rive droite (right bank) we have a beautiful walk along the river.

In addition, there are two sites worth visiting in this area. One is called Darwin and it is a former military barracks that has been transformed into an alternative center with a skatepark, ecological stores, bars… The other place that stands out in this part of the city is the Chez Alriq bar. This bar offers one of the most beautiful views of the city and almost every night hosts different concerts. It is the perfect place to stop for a drink before continuing the walk.

Now we continue walking to the Jacques Chaban Delmas bridge and cross it to head back to the left bank of the river. Walking about twenty minutes more we will arrive at Bassin de Lumieres, another of the essential visits of the city. This place is a former bunker that has been converted into a digital art center, one of the largest multimedia exhibitions in the world.

Les Bassins des Lumières – Site officiel – Créé par Culturespaces (bassins-lumieres.com)

DAY 4: A getaway near Bordeaux

Another of the things to see in Bordeaux in 4 days is some of the beautiful places around the city. So the fourth day can be dedicated to make a small getaway. The first option is to visit the beautiful medieval village of Saint Emilion, 30 minutes drive from Bordeaux. This village surrounded by vineyards is the perfect getaway, known for its great wines and remarkable heritage. If you decide discover this beautiful village you might be interested in our GROUP TOUR: SAINT EMILION DAY TRIP, check it out!

The second option is to visit Arcachon, a pretty seaside town about an hour from Bordeaux. Besides attracting visitors for its beaches and harbor, it is also famous for its delicious local oysters and his Belle Epoque architecture.

Just 20 minutes from Arcachon is another of the most special places in France, the Pilat Dune. It is the highest dune in Europe and a declared site of interest since 1994. Not only is its size impressive, it also offers amazing views from its summit over the bay of Arcachon.

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