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Parliament Square in Bordeaux: history in the heart of France

The Square of the Parliament in Bordeaux, France, is a historic monument located in the Saint Pierre district. Its current name refers to the old Parliament of Bordeaux, established in 1451 and suppressed in 1790.

Created in 1760 as a place of commerce, it was renamed Place de la Liberté during the French Revolution.

History of the Parliament Square in Bordeaux

The Square of the Parliament is important to understand the history of Bordeaux. Originally established in 1760 as a place of commerce, the square played a crucial role in the economic development of the city. It was a meeting point for merchants and locals who came to conduct transactions and business.

Origin and function as a place of commerce

The Square of the Parliament was conceived as a space for commerce and economic activity. During that time, Bordeaux was one of France’s main commercial centres, known for its important wine industry. The square became a key place for the buying and selling of local products, attracting traders and customers from all over the region.

Changes during the French Revolution

During the French Revolution, the square underwent significant changes. During this period of political and social upheaval, it was renamed Place de la Liberté, reflecting the revolutionary spirit and the ideals of liberty that were spreading throughout France. The square became the scene of popular rallies, demonstrations and events of great historical importance.

Reference to the Bordeaux Parliament

The current name of the square, Square of the Parliament, refers to the old Parliament of Bordeaux, established in 1451 and suppressed in 1790 during the French Revolution. The Bordeaux Parliament was a key judicial and legislative institution in the region, and its influence extended far beyond the square. Although it no longer exists, the name of the square reminds us of its historical importance in the political and legal life of Bordeaux.

Architecture and monuments in Parliament Square

The Square of the Parliament in Bordeaux is a place where architecture and monuments merge to create a fascinating environment, which can be visited on free tours of Bordeaux. In this square, visitors can marvel at the 18th century buildings and enjoy the beauty of the Fontaine du Parlement.

18th century buildings and their decorative style

The buildings surrounding the square are a testament to the architectural grandeur of the period, making Bordeaux well worth a visit. Built in the 18th century, they feature richly decorated façades in the Louis XV style. These imposing three-storey buildings have hierarchical windows, separated horizontally by bands with mascarons and agrafes. They are adorned with elegant wrought-iron balustrades that add a touch of sophistication to the ensemble.

La Fontaine du Parlement

One of the square’s most prominent monuments is the Fontaine du Parlement, a beautiful fountain designed by the architect Louis-Michel Garros. Installed in 1865, this fountain is a real visual delight for visitors. Its design combines classical elements with ornamental details, creating a unique piece of its kind. The Fontaine du Parlement is a symbol of the history and beauty that characterise the Parliament Square.

Pavement renovations and characteristics

In 1980, the paving of the square was renovated, giving it a more modern and functional appearance. The new paving is composed of large stone slabs that give it an elegant and durable appearance. Thanks to these improvements, visitors can stroll around the square comfortably and safely, enjoying its historical charm and architectural setting.

Tourist experiences of the Parliament Square

The Place du Parlement in Bordeaux is not only a place with a rich history, but also offers a variety of tourist experiences and nearby activities to complement a visit to this charming square.

The city of wine: Wine tasting and tours

An unmissable experience for wine lovers is to visit the Wine City, located near Parliament Square. This unique venue combines an interactive exhibition on the history and culture of wine with tastings of renowned wines.

Visitors can enjoy guided tours, learn about the different grape varieties and explore the different wine regions of France. An enriching experience for the senses.

Self-guided historical and gastronomic tours

For those interested in discovering the historic corners of Bordeaux, we help you discover the best tours in Bordeaux which offer self-guided tours that allow you to explore the city at your own pace.

These tours provide the opportunity to delve into the history of the city, visit emblematic monuments such as St. Andrew’s Cathedral and immerse yourself in its architectural charm.

In addition, food lovers can opt for culinary tours that will take them through the flavours and typical dishes of this wine-growing region.

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