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Bordeaux Library: a cultural treasure on the banks of the Garonne River

The Bordeaux Library, inaugurated in 1991 by the architect Bernard Trinqué, is a valuable repository of heritage works and a centre for cultural dissemination.

Access is free and it is possible to take a guided tour with the free tours of Bordeaux. It also has electronic resources and spaces adapted for the visually impaired.

History of the Bordeaux Library

Origin and foundation of the library

The Bordeaux Library has a fascinating history dating back to its origin and foundation. It was inaugurated in 1991 thanks to the talent of the architect Bernard Trinqué, who created this conservatory of heritage works. Since its beginnings, the library has been a fundamental pillar in the dissemination of Bordeaux’s history.

Evolution over the years

Over the years, the Bordeaux Library has undergone a remarkable evolution. It has managed to adapt to the changes and needs of society, making it one of the things to do in Bordeaux.

During the decades, the library has expanded its range of services and activities, consolidating its position as an essential point of reference in the cultural and educational life of the city.

For decades, the Bordeaux Library has preserved and guarded valuable heritage works, making it a true cultural treasure within everyone’s reach. It has also developed an impressive collection of books covering a wide variety of subjects and genres. These holdings, together with electronic resources, music and image, offer an enriching experience for those seeking to expand their knowledge.

The library has become a place of reference for citizens because it is one of the things to do for free in Bordeaux. It also has a diversified cultural programme that includes activities for all ages, from workshops to lectures and artistic performances.

These adapted spaces provide inclusive and accessible learning opportunities for all. The history of the Bibliothèque de Bordeaux is a history of commitment to culture and knowledge. Over the years, it has evolved and adapted to the needs of the community, becoming a place of reference for the dissemination of reading and the promotion of culture in the city.

Library collections and resources

Heritage works in custody

The Bordeaux Library houses and preserves a variety of heritage works of great historical and cultural value, an attraction that makes it one of Bordeaux’s top tourist attractions.

Among its treasures is an exceptional copy of Montaigne’s essays. These works represent a significant part of the cultural heritage that the library protects and makes available to the public.

Funds and variety of books available

The library has a wide range of books covering different subjects and literary genres. Its collection of more than 13,000 documents covers both Spanish and Latin American culture. Visitors can find everything from literary classics to contemporary works, thus satisfying the diverse interests of readers.

Library services and activities

Free access and availability of professionals

The Bordeaux Library is proud to offer free access to its services and resources to the whole community. Visitors can enjoy the library without any restrictions during the established opening hours. In addition, highly trained staff are available to welcome the public and provide expert advice on finding information and using the different resources available.

Varied programme of cultural activities

The library strives to be more than just a place to read and study, offering a varied programme of cultural activities to enrich visitors’ experience. Conferences, talks, book launches, exhibitions and themed events are just some of the proposals that allow you to get to know Bordeaux’s curiosities.

Recommended libraries in Bordeaux

If you are interested in exploring the world of libraries in Bordeaux, in addition to the Bibliothèque de Bordeaux, there are other options worth knowing about. These libraries complement the cultural offer and allow you to immerse yourself in different literary and technical subjects.

Other libraries in the city

In addition to the Bibliothèque de Bordeaux, the city has other libraries offering a wide range of services and resources. These institutions are ideal places for lovers of reading, research and learning. We suggest you visit the following:

  • Le puits – Bibliothèque sur la Technique: Specialising in technical subjects, this library is ideal for those interested in science and technology. It offers a wide variety of books, magazines and materials related to these disciplines.
  • Médiathèque Du Bois Fleuri: This library is a real treasure trove for lovers of literature and poetry. It has an extensive collection of literary works in different languages, as well as activities and events related to creative writing.

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