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Cheap restaurants in Bordeaux so you won’t spend a lot on eating out  

Cheap restaurants in Bordeaux offer a wide variety of dining options at affordable prices. Forno Gusto has homemade pizzas and set menus for 9,50€. La Tanière serves traditional French dishes at reasonable prices. Wok to Walk customizes Asian dishes for less than €10. Creperie Gourmands offers full crepe menus for €16.90. Poggetti stands out for its pizzas and pasta dishes from €10. Wok Way has Asian options from €7 to €12. Locadillos is ideal for enjoying Spanish tapas at night. If you take a free walking tour of Bordeaux, you must discover the gastronomic specialties of Bordeaux, such as the famous Canneles de Bordeaux and traditional dishes such as foie gras, duck breast and snails.   

Cheap restaurants in Bordeaux: Discover affordable gastronomic choices  

If you don’t know what to see in Bordeaux in 4 days and you are looking for cheap restaurants in Bordeaux, you are in luck. This French city offers a wide variety of dining options at affordable prices. Here are some places you can’t miss if you’re planning your Bordeaux travel guide

Forno Gusto: Homemade pizzas and menu of the day for 9,50€ 

If you are a pizza lover, Forno Gusto is the ideal place for you. This chain of Italian pizzerias offers delicious homemade pizzas at very affordable prices. They also have a menu of the day for only 9,50€, an excellent option to enjoy a tasty and economical meal in Bordeaux.  

La Tanière: Traditional French dishes at reasonable prices   

If you prefer traditional French cuisine, La Tanière is a must stop. This classic restaurant serves authentic dishes at reasonable prices. Here you can enjoy specialties such as duck confit, boeuf bourguignon and other regional delicacies without spending too much.  

Wok to Walk: Personalized Asian food for less than 10€ 

If you are looking for something more exotic, Wok to Walk is the perfect place. This chain specializes in Asian food and offers customized dishes on the spot. Best of all, you can enjoy a delicious meal for less than 10€. Undoubtedly, an economical option and full of flavor.  

Creperie Gourmands: Complete crepe menus for 16,90€ 

For crepe lovers, Creperie Gourmands is a must stop. Here you can enjoy complete menus that include sweet and savory crepes, for only 16,90€. With a wide variety of options, this place will allow you to taste the authentic Breton cuisine without spending too much.  

Poggetti: Pizzas and pasta dishes from 10€ 

If you like Italian cuisine, Poggetti is an excellent choice. This restaurant stands out for its delicious pizzas and pasta dishes, which you can enjoy from 10€. Don’t miss the opportunity to try the traditional pasta al dente and the irresistible pizzas.  

Wok Way: Asian food options between 7€ and 12€ 

If you are looking for more Asian food options, Wok Way is another place to consider. Here you will find a variety of dishes between 7€ and 12€, perfect to satisfy your cravings without spending a fortune. Don’t hesitate to try their authentic and fresh flavors.  

Locadillos: Spanish tapas to enjoy with friends at night 

If you want to enjoy a fun night out with friends, Locadillos is the ideal place. Here you can enjoy authentic Spanish tapas at affordable prices. From Galician octopus to homemade croquettes, this place will allow you to enjoy Spanish gastronomy on a budget.  

Bordeaux’s gastronomic specialties: Flavors not to be missed  

Immerse yourself in the rich gastronomy of Bordeaux and discover all its specialties. This French region is known for its exquisite food and unique flavors that you cannot miss during your visit. Here are two emblematic dishes that will make you travel through the palates of Bordeaux.  

Canneles de Bordeaux: Typical sweet delicacy of the region  

One of Bordeaux’s greatest culinary treasures is the famous canelés. These small pastries have a golden and crispy exterior, while their interior is juicy and tender. The cannele is characterized by its vanilla and rum flavor, and its unique texture that combines softness and caramelization. This traditional dessert is perfect to enjoy with a coffee or a sweet wine after a meal. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste this sweet treat that captures the essence of Bordeaux.  

Foie gras, duck magret and snails: Traditional dishes to taste  

Bordeaux is famous for its traditional French dishes, and three of the most representative are foie gras, duck magret and snails. Foie gras, a pâté made from duck or goose liver, is appreciated for its creamy texture and intense flavor. Duck magret, on the other hand, is a juicy duck breast fillet that is cooked to perfection and served with a delicious sauce. Finally, escargots, known as escargots, are a delicacy that is prepared with garlic butter and parsley, creating an aromatic and flavorful dish. These traditional dishes are true culinary treasures that you cannot miss in Bordeaux. 

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