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What time is dinner in Bordeaux?

What time is dinner in Bordeaux? In general, it is usually at 8:00pm, although some restaurants open at 7:30pm. This may be late for American stomachs. Restaurants in Bordeaux do not usually turn tables as they do in the United States, so it is possible to delay your reservation. Also, there are options for late night dining, as some restaurants are open past 10pm. If you take a free walking tour of Bordeaux don’t worry that you will get hungry for dinner too early, this city offers a varied gastronomic selection, from gourmet restaurants to casual bistros with flexible hours.

What time do you have dinner in Bordeaux?

In Bordeaux, the starting time for dinner is usually at 8:00pm. However, in recent times, more and more restaurants have begun to open their doors at 7:30pm to meet the demand of those who prefer to dine earlier. It is important to note that this time may be considered late for stomachs accustomed to American dining schedules, but it is still worth a visit to Bordeaux

If you are planning your itinerary and what to see in Bordeaux in 4 days, it is important to note that restaurants in France do not follow the practice common in many U.S. cities of “turning tables” quickly. This means that diners have more time to enjoy their dinner and will not feel rushed to leave the place.

If you have dining time preferences, it is possible to call the restaurant and request that they delay your reservation by about an hour. It is also advisable to ask what time the kitchen closes to avoid arriving too late and finding yourself unable to enjoy a full dinner.

Late dining options in Bordeaux

If you are going to visit the old town of Bordeaux you should know that the gastronomic offer extends late into the night, providing the opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal at later hours. If you are one of those who prefer to dine late, this city has options to satisfy your appetite.

Restaurants open after 10pm

You will find establishments that keep their doors open after 10pm where you can enjoy Bordeaux’s gastronomy even late at night. This flexibility will allow you to enjoy a later dinner than usual.

Culinary variety at night

The city has a wide variety of dining options to choose from. From gourmet restaurants with sophisticated culinary experiences to casual bistros with traditional dishes, you will find something to suit different tastes and budgets.

  • Typical dishes from the Southwest of France: If you want to savor authentic regional cuisine, you can choose restaurants that specialize in typical dishes from the Southwest of France. These establishments stand out for their quality meat and traditional recipes of the region.
  • International specialties: In addition to local cuisine, in Bordeaux you will also find restaurants offering international specialties. If you are looking for more exotic options or simply want to vary your gastronomic choices, you will be able to delight yourself with dishes from different cultures.
  • Charming bistros: Casual bistros are an excellent option to enjoy a relaxed and enjoyable dinner in a cozy atmosphere. Here you can enjoy classic and simple dishes, prepared with fresh and quality ingredients.

Reservations recommended

Since Bordeaux is known for its ever-growing gastronomic reputation, reservations are recommended at the restaurants you wish to visit. Also, keep in mind that some popular places may have waiting lists, so it is advisable to plan ahead to secure a table.

Recommendations and resources for finding restaurants open later in Bordeaux

If you’re looking to enjoy a delicious late-night meal in Bordeaux, you’ll be happy to know that the city has a variety of dining options open past 10pm. Here are some recommendations and resources for finding these restaurants:

  • Consult the Bordeaux Tourist Office: These resources can provide up-to-date information on opening hours and recommendations for restaurants that stay open late into the night.
  • Online restaurant guides: There are numerous online restaurant guides that provide reviews, recommendations and opening hours. 
  • Ask locals for recommendations: Who better to know the best places open late at night than Bordeaux residents themselves? Don’t hesitate to ask locals or search local forums and social networks for personalized tips and recommendations.

Remember, if you have a specific time in mind, it is advisable to call the restaurant and confirm their closing time. This way, you’ll avoid arriving too late and ensure a satisfying dining experience.

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