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Christmas in Saint-Émilion: magic and charm among the vineyards

Christmas in Saint Emilion is a wonderful time. At this time of year, this beautiful medieval village fills up with lights and charm to welcome you and make you live a real fairytale where the inhabitants will make you feel at home and the wine will be your best host.

If you’re considering taking your festive holidays here, you’ve come to the right place, we can’t think of a better plan than a free tour of Saint Emilion in December.

Talking about Christmas is undoubtedly referring to the most beautiful season of the year, full of joy, reunions, special meals and that special magic that these days have. Of course, in Saint-Emilion things are no different.

Wine + December, always

Saint Emilion at Christmas is also synonymous with wine. You have to take into account that you are in one of the areas where the best wine in the world is produced, with denomination of origin included and a lot of variety. So, don’t you think that this product can become one of the main protagonists during this time of the year?

Here you can go wine tasting in Saint Emilion practically every day of your stay. For your information, just counting the wineries around the village, there are more than 180, so you have an idea of what to expect.

During the Christmas season, local winemakers also join in the festivities. They organise special activities with different wines that are more suited to the season, as well as dinners and celebrations that are magical and enchanting. In fact, this is a must on your itinerary of what to see in Saint Emilion.

Among the many advantages of the variety of vineyards and wineries is that this experience can be adapted to different needs. You can choose if you want a more intimate and romantic plan as a couple away from the city centre among the beautiful villages near Bordeaux or on the contrary, a plan for friends, with everything included.

December among the vineyards

Of course, any month of the year is worth a visit to Saint Emilion. However, at Christmas time, this French region has a special magic that undoubtedly is a real feast for all the senses: its beautiful decorated streets, the traditional gastronomy, where wine is present, and even the special activities, such as its characteristic Christmas markets.

This medieval city was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, making it a charming setting during the Christmas season.

We can say that Christmas in Saint Emilion comes alive in each of its narrow cobbled streets. They are filled with Christmas lights and decorations that envelop you in an atmosphere of magic and celebration. Christmas markets are one of the most popular things to do these days, where you’ll find just about everything.

Among the most traditional markets that you should not miss for any reason are the following:

Lussac Christmas Market

With Father Christmas included for you to take photos with, the Lussac Market is the first to be established. It usually opens on the first weekend of the month, formally kicking off the market and bazaar season.

Of course, Santa Claus is the star of the show. He has his own stall for the little ones and the not-so-little ones to come and order their presents and have their photo taken.

Before we forget… Don’t look for this market in Saint Emilion, but rather in Lussac (10 kilometres away).

Saint Sulpice de Faleyrens

It’s not in Saint Emilion either, but in this village 4 kilometres away, but it won’t take you long to get there. It usually sets up for a weekend, offering the best of festive gastronomy, crafts, hot chocolate and some cultural performances such as dance and theatre groups.

Saint-Emilion Christmas Market

This is the main Christmas market in Saint-Emilion, the one in the central square, making it one of the most popular with the locals. It is held during the weekend before Christmas, with permanent animation all day long and lots of decorations, which will make you feel like you are in a real festive film.

Montagne Christmas Market

Montagne is full of festive spirit and it’s hard not to get caught up in it. It runs in the days leading up to Christmas, with activities for everyone in the family, especially the little ones. They will find a range of recreational activities, as well as gastronomic displays, crafts, jewellery and much more.

Christmas gastronomy, a whole world of flavours

Christmas gastronomy is extremely wide and varied, no matter what region you are in, and in Saint-Emilion it is exactly the same. Here you can indulge your taste buds with all its tradition.

Among the most popular dishes for the season, duck confit is undoubtedly the star of the table, with that unique taste of aged wine that is part of its pairing. The desserts are so varied that you will have a hard time deciding between truffles, candied fruits and cinnamon tarts that fill the air with an indescribable aroma.

You can find all the flavour of Christmas in practically any restaurant in the city. As a recommendation, we suggest you always visit the ones around the square. In most cases they are run by their owners, whose recipes have been kept in their families for several generations.

Days of celebration

Christmas in Saint Emilion has a very traditional feel to it, especially on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The traditional plan is to go to the local church, followed by a family dinner and then enjoy the open-air entertainment. These range from concerts and theatrical performances framed around seasonal tales to parades.

As you will see, this festive season is not just any old date, Saint Emilion Christmas is synonymous with magic, charm and above all tradition. A place where every corner is filled with magic and its inhabitants welcome you to enjoy a few days full of love and lots of luminous decorations. We are sure that you won’t miss anything and you will want to stay.

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